$100 - $4.999

9,9% ROI

180 Days

$5.000 - $9.999-

14,9% ROI

145 Days

$10.000 - $100.000

19,9% ROI

90 Days

ROI daily credited

to your AG COIN



from your


Apuri Global Profit Sharing

The vision of Apuri GPS is to bring trendy and innovative projects to the market and share the profits of the projects with the individual investors. Hence the name: Profit Sharing. The Affiliate Program is connected to the Crypto Industry and offers you a perfect synergy of trendy markets.

You can make profits with our Profit Leasing Program, trading with the Apuri Gaming Coin and earn commission in Crypto Coins with our Affiliate Program!

The philosophy of Apuri GPS is CREATE - CONNECT and GIVE BACK.

Our Features

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  • 01. Registration On The Platform

    Register for free without any commitment to order

  • 02. Start inviting Friends

    Build up your team and get earnings in realtime

  • 03. Income 1 Unilevel

    Get Unilevel commission till Level 5 from your Team

  • 04. Income 2 Binary Bonus

    Your Binary Bonus is working endless deep and earnings are credited in real time

  • 05. Life reward Bonus

    Get paid till $186.000,— in AG Coins

  • 06. Multiply Commission

    Get paid again and again. Anytime when a team partner starts his/her Profit Leasing again, you will earn commission - again!

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